Sunday, 12 February 2012

Vent: Holiday.

I've been getting all stressed recently because of uni. I have so much urge these days to just pack my bags and go somewhere special and beautiful. So many places on my 'to-go' list. Stockholm, Copenhagen, Vienna, Amsterdam, Prague, Rio. And my 'to-go-again' list is also endless. New York, Paris, Vancouver, Berlin, Nice, Seattle. I realise rather than getting things done I've been looking up holiday prices and wondering how many I can afford. I'm going to Berlin the week after my birthday which I couldn't be more excited about but I know I won't want to leave and come back home to reality. But then I don't want to leave my parents, I love them and don't know how I could breath if I started seeing them less and less, so it's like I'm in this trap, ya know?

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